The Chamber Music Academy (CMA) provides students a range of opportunities to study, rehearse, and perform in a setting that balances structure with flexibility, guidance with independence, and discipline with inspiration. CMA ensembles provide an intimate setting for young musicians and their coaches to share the joys of chamber music. The photos above were taken by Kevin Monahan at the Chamber Music Academy’s Winter 2019 Concert. Click the images to see the names of the musicians. Scroll down for more photos from the concert.

Each chamber music ensemble meets weekly (with breaks for the holidays) between mid-October and mid-April on a schedule that works for its participants. Our coaches for the 2019–20 season are Cynthia Baehr-Williams and Alice Talbot, violins; Irene Hermann, piano and cello; and Erin Irvine, winds. Performance opportunities include two concerts, the first in January and the second in April. The ensembles will also enter the Baroque Festival Youth Chamber Music Competition in March and the Talent Bank Competition in April. They may be asked to perform after one or both of those competitions.

Last season, five ensembles participated in the Chamber Music Academy, including The Fourtes violin quartet (returning this season), a piano trio, a string trio, and two wind ensembles. We hope to have at least five ensembles again this year. In addition to the performance opportunities listed above, we will select one ensemble to open for the Youth Symphony’s Fall Concert in November and another to open for the Youth Symphony’s Spring Concert in May. String ensembles may also perform as part of Cynthia Baehr-Williams’s Chamber Strings concerts. Visit our Concerts page for more information.

If you’re interested in participating in the Chamber Music Academy for the 2019–20 season, please begin by filling out the Application Form.

Tuition for the Chamber Music Academy covers 20 meetings for each ensemble from mid-October to mid-April (50% coached, 50% self-directed), as well as costs for sheet music, prep-time for the coaches, and CMA concerts in January and April. Please do not make a payment until you learn whether or not you are placed in an ensemble. Financial aid is available for families that need assistance. Visit our tuition page to learn more.