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There are various ways to support us, and volunteering is a wonderful one. Your unique set of skills can help the Youth Symphony in many ways.

Some volunteering jobs include:

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Outreach Coordinator (contact schools and music teachers to recruit new musicians)
  • Grant Coordinator (help us identify and apply for grants)
  • Fundraising Events Coordinator
  • Marketing/Advertising Coordinator

And remember to sign up to help at our weekly rehearsals:

Other ways you can help:

Securing Donations
Individual and corporate sponsorships, or in-kind donations from the community.

Selling Concert Program Ads
SCCYS uses concert advertising and sponsorships as fund-raising mechanisms for each concert. Selling ads to businesses where you are a frequent client or customer is easy and a fun way to promote the Youth Symphony.

Participation in Fundraising Events
There are many preparations required for a fundraising event, and perhaps you have excellent organizational skills. Maybe you would like to help by soliciting food donations, silent auction items, door prizes, etc., or by decorating the event space the day of the event.


We are open to any other ideas for help.  Please contact us at for more information or with any suggestions you might have.
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