$825 annually, invoiced at the beginning of the school year. *

*Changes for the 2020–2021 season: Due to the coronavirus, the Youth Symphony will shift to online rehearsals in Fall 2020. Because we don’t know when we will be able to return to in-person rehearsals, we will not bill for the full season in September. Instead, we will bill for the fall set only at this time.

Please wait to make your payment until you receive your invoice in late September. Fall 2020 tuition will be $225, a $50 reduction in price from what our normal tuition would be if it were pro-rated for one set. We will continue to offer a $100 sibling discount. Some of our families may wish to continue to pay the full tuition of $275. This option is included in the dropdown below. Also included are options to add $100, $150, or $200 to your pro-rated tuition. Any addition over the tuition amount of $225 will qualify as a charitable donation (thank you!). We will send you a donor thank-you letter by mail.

The following are our normal tuition policies: The Youth Symphony is a school-year program. Members are expected to commit to the full school year. Payment (please wait for your invoice) is due at the beginning of the fall set. Parents of students who join mid-year will receive a pro-rated invoice. Please see below for payment options and our refund policy. Payment is non-refundable, except under extenuating circumstances.

Tuition for the Youth Symphony goes toward the costs of running the organization, including rental of our rehearsal space, concert venues, and audition rooms; insurance; compensation for the Music Director and Operations Manager; hiring professional musicians to coach sectionals four times a year; maintenance of our music library; purchasing new music as needed; copying and preparing music booklets for our students in fall, winter, and spring; and the occasional purchase and maintenance of instruments and supplies (such as music stands). Board members and families contribute countless hours of their time as well on a volunteer basis to help the orchestra run smoothly.


A $100 sibling discount (for the full season) is available for families with more than one musician in the symphony. In the 2020–2021 season, the sibling discount is pro-rated to $33 per set.

Financial Aid

No musician will be excluded due to financial need. Scholarships and financial aid are available. Please fill out the Financial Aid section of the Audition/Application Form to be considered for financial aid.

Refund Policy

The Youth Symphony is a school-year program. Members are expected to commit to the full school year. If your child needs to leave the orchestra before the end of the school year, please contact our board treasurer, Peggy Gross. We can recharacterize the balance of your tuition as a donation and send you a letter acknowledging your donation. In cases of hardship, we may be able to refund up to 50% of your remaining pro-rated tuition. No refunds will be given for students who leave after the first two weeks of the spring set.

Payment Options (check or credit card accepted):

Invoices will be emailed in mid-September. Please wait for your invoice before submitting your payment.

If paying by check, please make your check payable to Santa Cruz County Youth Symphony and mail it to:

Santa Cruz County Youth Symphony
PO Box 566
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

If paying by credit card (via PayPal), choose from the dropdowns below, either for one student or two siblings, then click the yellow button to proceed:

Fall 2020 Tuition Payment for One Student

Tuition Payments for 2 Siblings